Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust

Dream & Beauty Charitable Trust was conceptualized by Anil Monga, a successful NRI based in the United States of America. It was born out of the pain that he felt when he saw the plight of the migrant workers in Ludhiana while he was running his small industrial setup in his teens. In the mid-eighties, as he turned 25, Anil migrated to the US. He always wanted to give back to the society he came from.With this noble aim and with the complete support of his family and like-minded friends, who now form the board of the trust, DREAM & BEAUTY CHARITABLE TRUST was born in 1996.


The mission of the trust is to play the role of a facilitator who affects a change in the existing social structure and gives respite from social stigmas and inequality in the society.Its main objective is to make a progressive change and a positive impact by promoting a society that is morally strong and an economic structure that gives equality of opportunity. It focuses its attention on the deprived migrant population, the girl child, women empowerment, destitute children, the unemployed youth and the senior citizens.

The DBC Trust greatly values the support it has received from all of its associates. Therefore, we maintain full transparency in our financial reporting, which allows us to remain dedicated and sincere to our goals.

We pledge to provide a healthy quality of life. A life of dignity and honor.

Brahmbhog – Hunger Alleviation

Our flag ship program, Brahmbhog was initiated in 1996 to alleviate hunger. A base has been built in one of the lesser developed section of Ludhiana town to serve the mid-day meal to the weaker sections of the population. While providing food, an effort is also made to instill hygienic habits by insisting that all guests first cut their nails and wash their hands with clean water before taking their meals.While waiting for their turn, a social worker employed by the Trust educates them about healthy habits and various issues concerning their social lives and the community at large.In the neat and clean dining hall the guests are seated on tables and are served very respectfully. They are served as much as they want to eat, with the only one condition – that they do not waste even one bite.The BrahmBhog program has been extended to feed children in the nearby schools, so that they do not skip their classes for want of a meal.Food trucks are also sent to hospitals and distant slums where food is served to the less fortunate.Preparations are on to extend this program to reach many more people in the coming years.

Karma Medical Care – Health Care

After looking at the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR), Karma Hospital began its services in 2005 as a Mother and Child Care Center. Newer public health threats such as diabetes, cancers, mental illness, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS motivated Karma Hospital to expand its scope and become a multi specialty hospital. Karma Hospital strives to offer comprehensive care with a high standard of excellence.

To provide care to those who cannot reach the hospital mobile clinics have been started, where a team of doctor, nursing attendant and a volunteer visits rural areas for general health checks and to provide medicines for free.We now intend to extend the KARMA HOSPITAL project by setting up primary health care centers in the peripheral villages around Ludhiana.

Margdarshan – An Educational & livelihood program for youth and women

It was noticed that a large section of the young adults had discontinued their education due to various financial and social factors.The trust identified the need to enhance the soft skills of the young aged group so that they become employable.In 2003, DBCT initiated the Market Aligned Skills Training program in Ludhiana, in collaboration with the American India Foundation. Today, the trust runs it independently under the banner MARG DARSHAN.The program targets the slum dwellers and school dropouts. Social workers, employed by the trust, are sent to the nearby colonies to spread the information about the program and to encourage the parents and the kids to come and join the 3 months course. The training curriculum includes basic computer skills, spoken English, coupled with a specialization in Sales, Marketing and Hospitality. Special attention is also given to equip these young minds with effective communication skills, attitudinal and behavioral training for work readiness.Under another program, adult women are taught skills that would make them economically self-reliant. A dedicated placement cell has also been created to place the MARG DARSHAN graduates in the organized industrial and service sector. It has a 75% success rate. The cell provides complete support to the graduating students and the prospective employers, before and after the placement, so that both have a positive experience and acceptance.Till date the program has trained over 3000 students. Most of them are gainfully employed and today their families are financially better placed.

Heavenly Palace – Senior Citizen Care

While working towards the upliftment of the employable population, DBCT also shared its resources for the retired senior citizens. Seeing the facilities available in the western societies for the aged, the Trust felt the need to provide equally good services in India for the seniors who are separated from their families due to various personal circumstances.It’s ideally located in a peaceful, lush green surroundings, next to a canal. The residents live a care free life with no worries of the everyday hassles they had to put up with while living alone. World class facilities are provided with personalized care to make the residents comfortable and at home. The whole complex has been designed keeping the geriatric needs in mind. Medical assistance is available round the clock with attendants on call day and night. The whole complex is secured using manpower and technology. Food is given primary importance and is cooked in a very modern and hygienic kitchen under the strict supervision of a dietician serving a wide variety and choice to cater to the varied Indian palate.

Heavenly Angels – A Home For Abandoned Children

We are now working towards starting an orphanage where the unfortunate children will be given a home and caring that they deserve. Funds would also be spent on their education and they would be taught work skills so that they grow up to be good productive citizens.Working on our ethics of secularism, we will aim to empower each child with nutritious food, high quality healthcare and a college prep education, including English proficiency and computer literacy.We plan to set up the complex near the Heavenly Palace so that the elderly will have the opportunity to edify young children, and in turn, these children will bring smiles to the elderly. Enriched with a life full of experiences, these elderly people shall mentor these young children as parental figures.