Success Story - Nurturing- body, mind & soul

Mukhtiar Kaur (70)

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portrays the objective of Brahmbhog in its truest sense.

Living in very humble conditions, she was widowed 40 years ago. Repeated tragedies struck when she lost one son at the age of 18 while the other one suffers from TB, diabetes and psychiatric disorder. She is cohabited by her two daughters and their respective families. The family unit has no stable income as the male members are engaged in daily wage labor work.

“I don’t know what we would have done had Brahmbhog not supported us through all these years”
whispers Mukhtiar Kaur in a voice choked by emotions.

Major Singh (62)

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Contrary to his army sounding name, this Major Singh is without a family and does not know how he would have survived had Brahmbhog not been there to feed him. Although, he has worked as a carpenter but due to failing eye sight and hearing, he has been without any source of livelihood for past 17 years.

His previous employer has let him continue to live in a small room in his workshop but Major Singh is primarily living off that one single meal that he gets at Brahmbhog.

“This plate of hot and wholesome nutritious meal has helped me greatly in this old age and that too when I don’t have a family”
shares Major Singh.

Evening Brahmbhog Initiated By Dream & Beauty Charitable Trust